Inclement Weather Days Plan

Inclement Weather Days Plan

In the chance of a bad weather day. You will go online and do class like usual. Please report to me via our texting number if you can’t be online due to the weather.

During remote learning days, students should treat the day as a normal virtual learning day. Students should plan to do the following:

  • Log in to Canvas and make progress on their work to be counted present.
  • Connect with your teacher via text, email, Remind or Canvas to ask questions or get feedback on assignments if needed.
  • Make some time to play in any snow that has fallen and send pictures to your teacher. I’m sure he’d love to see any picture(s)!

Attendance will be taken on these remote learning days. Students who chooses to not participate in the e-learning day are reported as absent. Students who are counted absent will be responsible for completing the required work on their own time as usual.

Why do we need remote learning days? These days provide for continuity of learning and classroom instruction, which is vitally important during an unprecedented school year when students have already lost so much.