Blended Learning

We are about to enter blended learning starting August 17th, 2020 but first we need to go over how it will work.

Overview & Purpose

The purpose of the document is to write out a clear statement that all members of the SpyPapa organization understand for Autumn Learning 2020.

Why a 2nd announcement?

As days pass more information becomes available. Please disregard the way of learning I stated in the previous announcement.

Agreement & Statement

By this document. All SpyPapa organization users have met and agreed to an upon state in which we use Dashboards for schooling until the time of which COVID-19 passes or the date May 29,2023! If COVID-19 gets a cure before the date May 29,2023 we will go back to using Canvas.

Positive COVID-19 Case?

If in the event that one of us gets tested positive for the COVID-19 pandemic. We will self quarantine in our own home(s) and suspend learning indefinitely until the person recovers. In the event in which the person(s) doesn’t recover (unalive) of COVID-19 the other person shall send for their remains in spirit (mourn their loss).

Edmond Announcement

The announcement by our metro school (Edmond Public Schools) said they were going to start school a week later (August 20,2020) in a blended model. So will we (to an extent).

SpyPapa Blended Learning

We will use Canvas once a week for either a quiz, test, or a discussion. For the remainder of the other days of the week we will be using the “Autumn 2020 Dashboard”. Our current plan is to have 1 Canvas and 2 Dashboard subjects a week at minimum. None of which are at all required. The “blended” part is using Canvas as well as the Dashboard to incorporate learning to the students wherever they shall be.


This meeting is adjourned and the document is set in place.