Why EdPuzzle

I started using this during my sophomore year at Edmond Memorial High School (EMHS) and I personally enjoy it because it kind of forces you to pay attention to the material. Which is a big improvement for me. So I did research and found out it was a free resource so I installed it on our Canvas Learning Management System (LMS).

How will I be graded?

Since you can embed EdPuzzle assignments into a Canvas assignment it automatically grades it in your Canvas gradebook. Of course I can still manually change the grade, but it saves me time on the grading.

Will this replace the way we learn?

No, not at all. This will be 1 of your 3 weekly assignments. I choose a video and we watch and answer the questions I make.

What embed options do you have?

On my teacher dashboard I can embed videos from almost every popular video site. They are listed below.

Free Trial or Forever Free

To the best of my knowledge this program will be forever free because all it asked during sign up was for my email and a password. If this does change this article will be updated!